Shipping and return policies for Not Half Bad

Shipping Info
All orders will be shipped via USPS because we want to send you stuff for as cheap as possible. There are no tracking numbers with this method. If you would rather your order be shipped through UPS or FedEx, please let us know and we can figure out the shipping cost.

Tracking can be added to your order through for a total shipping cost of $1.50.
Please let us know in your order (in the "message" section or in an e-mail to if tracking is being added to the order.

Flat Rate USPS boxes will be used to ship all products outside of the United States.

Domestic Orders should be received in 1-3 days of shipping.
International Orders can take 8 days or more to be received.

Shipping prices change all the time, especially internationally. It's hard to price exactly for multiple items so if the shipping cost ends up being less, we will refund you the difference.
Return Policy
We don't have a return policy but if shit is broken in the mail, send us a picture and we will send send you something to replace it or something different or a love letter.