Split w​/​Special Guest

by Not Half Bad, Special Guest

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released July 3, 2012

Not Half Bad Song Credits:
Matt Scifres - Lead Vocals/Guitars
Chace Rowe - Guitars/Vocals
Alex Weymier - Bass/Vocals on tracks 9, 11, and 12
Cole Vardeman - Drums/Vocals on track 12

Additional group vocals on track 12 by: Tim McAnally, Noble Melcher, Caitlin Conders

Tracked, Mixed and Mastered by Brandon Vanderford at Foundation Sound Recording Studios, Fort Worth, TX in May 2012


all rights reserved



Not Half Bad Fort Worth, Texas

A band from Fort Worth, TX that likes tacos and burritos.

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Track Name: Our Time
Our Time
Move on to better things. Throw a rock in their machine. No matter who's at the head, at some point, their lies we will be fed. Instead of try for change, you sit and place your blames. It is not your choice to make.
We'll overcome. We always do. We know.
Fuck you we know this is our time. You know we're gonna take it. I'm here to fucking break it. You know we want it all. Fuck you we know this is our time to see you fall!
I'm surrounded by pigs. Racist, bitter, no good pricks. No, they're not the dull or poor, they're the well off and educated rich. You talk of building borders. You talking of restoring order, but it is not your choice to make.
They'll try to take what they can away, but they can't take what we don't have.
They Have! We Have Not!
Track Name: Fuck Up
Fuck Up
I always knew I'd be a fuck up. Even when I was a little kid. The kind that teachers couldn't shut up or find a rhyme or reason for the shit I did. I always knew I'd be a fuck up. I always know that I would not amount to shit. And you would be hard pressed to say I did. But, let's say there were roadblocks in the way. That I never had any chances or opportunites. Let's pretend that hinderances had plagued me all my days and then, I'll sigh, because I don't want to feed you goddamn lies.
You're a fuck up! There's No End! You're A Fuck Up! Don't Pretend!
I always knew you'd be an asshole. I always knew you'd be a liar and a cheat. I think I knew it from the getgo, like a shitty record on repeat. I always knew that I would hate you and that's a claim that I can still make to this day. Can you call this success when there's a price you pay. But, let's not get confused so easily. These words are out of truth and not of jealousy. When you treat people the way they're supposed to be, you'd be suprised how many less will want to see you die.
I'd rather be the one to see no sort of adoration if it means that I had to lie and cheat and steal from my friends.
Track Name: Chace's Song
Chace's Song
'It's downhill from here.' That's what they say. That's what we're told about growing up and getting old. Some say that Jesus died to justify their fucked up lives. I never could see it that way. They're all the same, they'll never change.
I'm so sick of all the lies where we're just left here to die and I'm so sick of the shit you've sold me. Right to this very day, I wish you'd had the guts to say all those little things you knew would help me.
Like how all my friends will move away and get jobs they fucking hate just to put some food on their plates and how nobody wants to change, no want to stay the same, so fuck them, we'll let them stay.
Track Name: We're Going To Hell
We're going to hell
When we die, we're all going to hell, because we're all apathetic and that ain't so hard to tell. We live our lives with no purpose at the core, people pass us by and ask us what the fuck we're living for. Another day, another thing we've done, plagued with an underwhelming sense of ambition, so when I'm gone and on my way to hell, at least I'll have an interesting story to tell.
I remember all the nights that we'd sit out, talk and we would write. We'd tell our stories and smoke our cigarettes until morning and when the sun came out, we would face the day with our 'fuck you and everyone' mentality, heeding no cautions and heeding no warnings. We're the scurge of society, I can say even I agree. At times we resign ourselves and beliefs. Some use stigmas like 'nihilist.' They say we don't give a shit. No, it's just we know better than when you say 'change.'

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