Sorry Dudes EP

by Not Half Bad

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These songs are now on Ocelot Records through the "Dorks/Nerds" split with our friends in Crab Legs. You can grab it/stream it here:


released October 21, 2014

Matt Scifres – Guitars/Lead Vocals
Thomas Donofrio – Guitars/Group Vocals
Alex Weymier – Bass/Vocals
Aaron Dowd – Drums

All songs recorded at Middle Coast Studios in Mesquite, TX in August 2014
All songs tracked, mixed, and mastered by Dylan Russell


all rights reserved



Not Half Bad Fort Worth, Texas

A band from Fort Worth, TX that likes tacos and burritos.

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Track Name: Daybeers
I used to hate the smell of it before I started drinking, but
Everyone does the things they can to make it through the day
Like the kid who's doing lines inside a gas station in Denton
Through a scratch off that he bought and wondering how we got this way

And I'm not sure if I hate my job or if it's just that I hate working
but the difference between old friends is that I'll never let it turn me
cause no pension, pay or benefits are worth the weight of knowing
that I'm settled, stuck and in too deep to leave

And so I'm gonna live everyday like we'd never gotten older
and got the lives and jobs that drowned our plans and
made us all sober
to it seems like fucking everything, but alcohol and songs we sing about the days before we got this way

I guess maybe, the day will come when I'll no longer be someone
who has to steal shit from work so I can make ends meet
But, until these shit songs pay the bills, I'm gonna take home what I will
and you can try to guilt me, but you don't look at your receipts

So, I'm gonna live every day like we'd never gotten bitter
And got the kind of cynicism that we always had considered
to be the root of everything of what we never want to be
But, somehow we still ended up this way

We're gonna do what we need to be happy
With no regard for when you say we're wrong
There's not a fucking thing that we are lacking
We should have been doing this all along
Track Name: Three Things That Aren't Jackie Chan
I think I'm ready for it to stop raining
feels like I haven't left the house in near a goddamn year
I'm not built to be a shut in
reduced to wake and work and sleep and spend and broke again

Before we turn around we'll all be 40
In front of TV sets under the weight of our regrets
If there's anything that's worth regretting
It's getting up everyday and not "what iffing" anything

I will remember everything
Every drunken word that we yell and scream and sing
every faded house that I got to live my dream in
At least I got to live my dream

Track Name: Comfortable. Tired.
I never want to have to wonder
So I put everything away
They all got comfortable and tired
I know that's not the thing for me

I get romanticized by sayings
All of those dumb, little cliches
It's true, that "I'm scared of not living"
"Where my head lays is home to me"

So, bury me among the houses
The day the singing dies away
I'll die a cowards death before the day I'll speak the words
"Oh, man I really miss those glory days"

Maybe I'll hope to do this over
Maybe I'm just a dumb cliche'
While this is something you got over
It still means everything to me
Track Name: Van, Forever
I've got a journal. I put down everything we did
You've given me plenty to write
Drunk in Wisconsin, shooting rockets off in the woods
The ways we'd make it through the night

We climbed a silo back home, it felt so infinite.
Kicked out, your stepmom lent a ride
And on the ride home, I thought of everyone we knew
who gave up well before their time

When I'm home, I get sick of the trite, uninspired, recycled bullshit
And boring conversations about "the back when"
It makes no sense to me to be dead eyed at 23
Making cash, waiting for life to happen

Heaven's a basement show in Pennsylvania
Hell's back home giving up with you
I'd rather be stuck in a van forever
Than, never see anything through
Track Name: Armchair Anarchism
I was sweeping up the grounds inside a coffee house when
You said something that really struck me
I was bummed on me and mumbling something about the trash
While you were talking bout the hungry

They were cutting off the water in Detroit the same day
That we had our conversation
The one about all of the kids that they were trying to turn away
Because of biased legislation

You were talking up a storm
Yeah, you were really angry about something that I was saying
I think it was something along the lines of 'knowing where you come from.
We've never known subjugation.'
The problem's not that I'm too left wing for my own good
It's that, it's not that hard losing empathy
Sometimes all it takes is a conversation over coffee to break the spell of being pacified and lazy

Yeah, I'm a pacifist but I wanna set fire to
What makes you comfortable and give you what we got from you
Kick down your podium and never let things get this bad again

Not sure what I believe, but I've got hope in anarchy
Cause, if it's against you, than I know it's the thing for me
Me and all of my friends-we've got everything that we need without you
Track Name: You're Alright. You Know That, Kid
I was born on a Friday in the middle of October and now I'm 23 years older and still don't know a fucking thing

And I've been filling my days dreaming change around the have-nots, talking trade blockades and road blocks but never doing anything

And I've been spending my time in a hospital off 30 and I never shake the worry that I'll be coming back again.

And I know I'm not ready to live a life without my father and it's hard to fucking bother, on these days with anything, but you're alright

It was a Monday on the day you left your body, with your wife out in the lobby and your daughter on the way
And it feels like it's been a week since the times that you'd tell me, "You're alright, kid. I don't care what the people say"

I can remember all the days in spring that we had, watching storms outside with Granddad. It's how we used to fill the days
I guess it's better that we said goodbye in springtime, and I think of you all the time. And no one had a bad thing to say

Cause You're Alright.

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